Waterproof Boots for Making a Splash (& Staying Dry)

Waterproof Boots for Making a Splash (& Staying Dry) 1

Unless you’re blessed by way of living in a year-round-sunshine location, chances are you’ll encounter a downpour or two as you go about life. But you shouldn’t let the rain stop you doing your thing. It’s only water after all. To get out there and face the elements, you need an outfit that’s ready for the rain, and it’s good to start from the bottom up. Walking through water calls for the very best waterproof boots.

When shopping for footwear that you can rely on to keep those feet dry, there are a few key things to look out for. GORE-TEX is a big one. This breathable, wind- and water-proof fabric is the bee’s knees of element-protecting apparel; a signifier for knowing that what you’re wearing will do its job in all weather. Shoes with this stuff will usually repel rain in ways more superior than those without, so you’ll spot a few GORE-TEX-boasting boots in our selection.

Hiking shoes have a bad rep for being a bit weighty. But put this one on, and you’ll realize that not all of them are born equal. The adidas Terrex is lightweight but also sturdy as hell — the Continental™ Rubber keeps you stable in all conditions.

This one from Salomon looks ready for the feet of a scuba diver, so you’d be pretty confident it’ll do the job when it comes to being waterproof.

We love the Nike Air Force 1, of course we do. But when we’re talking waterproof-ness, we need something a little extra. Good job there’s a GORE-TEX version of it.

A king of outdoor wear, Arc’teryx continues its metamorphosis from dad favorite to high-fashion-head frequenter. One to wear on the front row.

As is evident above, many waterproof options are black or dark in color. Luckily for loud fans, there are options like this one from HOKA One One.

Back to black and a pair of go-with-pretty-everything boots from Timberland.

See above, pretty much everything!

Not only are these waterproof, but they also come packed with a piece of technology named Zero-Gravity CloudTec® — and who wouldn’t want that in their boots.

Now we’re getting serious. This is for the no-messing-around, absolutely-not-getting-my-feet-wet gang. Nothing’s getting in those.

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