Sandal-Sneaker Hybrids Are an Irreplaceable Part of the Work From Home Uniform

Sandal-Sneaker Hybrids Are an Irreplaceable Part of the Work From Home Uniform 3

Having to stay at home during the coronavirus pandemic has quite literally changed the way we live. For many people, the daily struggles — most of which are mental and emotional — have manifested themselves in ways we couldn’t predict. People who previously only ran to catch a bus or flight to paradise are now serious joggers. Sneakerheads are asking themselves where, when, and if they should wear their expensive sneakers if they’re at home all the time.

That question, or rather the answer to it, has seen a rise in the popularity of sandals and sneaker hybrids. Brands such as Suicoke, who make style-conscious sandals that wouldn’t be amiss at a Fashion Week (back in the good old days, when those still existed), may have hit the jackpot as many sneakerheads are turning to footwear that satisfies their cravings to wear something on their feet but is simultaneously suitable for the indoors.

Suicoke’s director general EMEA, Enrico Pasi, tells Highsnobiety: “I think people wearing footwear at home gives them the belief they are living a normal life in a usual work environment. Not long ago Sandals were a specific summer accessory that could only be worn on hot days to go to the beach. People are now wearing sporty sandals the same way [as sneakers.]”

While Suicoke is at the forefront of combining sneaker culture with sandal style, a range of brands have tapped into the hybrid aesthetic as of late too. adidas Originals unveiled the retro-futuristic Novaturbo H6100, which probably best exemplifies the sandal vibe in a sneaker shell. Acne Studios and Gucci have also put together solid efforts at a slightly higher price point. Our selection below ranges from sporty to more formal and style-oriented.

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