StockX Responds to Reports Its Employees Tested Positive for Coronavirus

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StockX has broken its silence on reports claiming multiple employees have tested positive for the coronavirus. The company issued a tweet this week after Business Insider published an article stating that an estimated seven StockX employees had contracted the virus.

“We have taken extensive measures to ensure the safety of our team members globally,” the tweet began. “StockX will continue to act proactively based on the latest information.”

The post also included a picture of a statement from the company that touched on the Business Insider article, claiming the headline was misleading. “The truth, which is buried in the article (and behind a paywall), is this: the health and safety of our team has always been and always will be our top priority,” StockX stated.

The company then went on to address how it responded after employees tested positive for the virus. You can read the entire statement below.

Business Insider reported that on March 27 StockX CEO Scott Cutler made employees aware of a worker at its Detroit authentication center that had tested positive for the coronavirus, in addition to a New Jersey employee. Prior to, however, the Detroit authentication center remained open after a stay-at-home order was issued in Michigan on March 23. After emailing employees on March 23 to let them know the facility would stay open, StockX decided to close the Detroit location.

The coronavirus has strongly impacted business for StockX as with countless other companies. Just last week it was forced to lay off approximately 12 percent of its employees to “ensure long-term sustainability.”

We have reached out to StockX for comment.

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