Jordan Brand Just Signed Its First Coach to Standalone Deal

Sean Payton NFL pre game

Sean Payton has become the first coach to sign with Jordan Brand. Payton himself shared the news this week during an Instagram Live interview with NFL network host, Kay Adams, while the brand has yet to confirm reports.

Payton began by telling the story of how he met Michael Jordan at his private golf course in Florida during Super Bowl weekend earlier this year.

“The first thing he said was, ‘you’re wearing Jordans on game day,’” Payton recalled. “I’m going to make you my first Jordan Coach,” Jordan told him.

Payton was admittedly taken back by the comment, but two weeks later, he received an email from Jordan Brand discussing the partnership.

The New Orleans Saints head coach was often seen wearing Air Jordan 11 Lows on game days last season. As Sole Collector points out, other notable coaches such as Jim Harbaugh, Patrick Ewing, and Juwan Howard also wear Jordan Brand, but simply because their collegiate programs are sponsored by the brand. Payton is the first coach to strike a deal with Jordan on his own.

Again, Jordan Brand has yet to confirm signing Sean Payton, but you can hear the coach’s firsthand account of the partnership below.

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