What to Wear When You Hate Sneakers

What to Wear When You Hate Sneakers 3

At Highsnobiety we place a heavy focus on the world of sneakers but we recognize that the world of drops, deadstock, resale, and raffles isn’t for everyone. Some prefer a slower pace of footwear turnover, fewer colors, and tried-and-tested styles. If this sounds like you, it’s likely that your footwear rotation rarely changes and is full of timeless, leather options. You’d never be caught queueing up for the latest big-ticket kicks, would you?

Whether you hate sneakers or are just looking to diversify your selection and cater to a more formal angle, we’ve rounded up some solid alternatives to sneakers. From sandals by Dries Van Noten to mules by Martine Rose, all the way to leather shoes and boots by the likes of Dr. Martens, this is a one-stop-shop if you’re looking to swap mesh panels for full-grain leather.

This simple yet effective sandal takes the form of Birkenstock’s iconic Arizona model. With the help of Random Identities, this piece has become a must-have summer addition.

Wacko Maria teams up with Suicoke to show that loud patterns — when used in moderation — don’t have to dominate a style.

Dries Van Noten’s typically astute use of color shines through in this comfortable and completely eye-catching slide.

Toga Virilis knows nothing of the word minimalism, it’s just not in the brand’s vocabulary and we love it for that. This buckle-heavy, leather-bound sandal is the attitude you need this season.

Dr. Martens’ eternally stylish derby shoe takes a new form with a monkstrap running across the laces for extra intrigue.

Using the classic simplicity of a derby shoe construction, Eytys updates the style with a chunky sole for a modern twist that’s sure to garner some attention.

This pair is probably about as far from sneakers as you can get. The 2976 Quad Chelsea Boots are brimming with punk style and contrast completely with the lightweight uppers found in the world of sneakers.

Eytys show what no-holds-barred design looks like with the Snake Ortega Chelsea Boots. A snakeskin upper leads the eye down to a statement sole unit that promises to add that extra height you’ve been wanting.

Sterling Ruby Studio follows on from Eytys and Dr. Martens to show the extent to which the Chelsea boot can be updated. This time, the focus is placed entirely on a futuristic sole unit, but don’t forget to appreciate the high-quality full-grain leather.

Cut to just above the ankle, Bottega Veneta’s Chelsea boot variation is typified by a multi-sole unit which is topped off by a transparent outsole.

Martine Rose takes inspiration from the ordinary, putting a luxurious twist on everyday designs through detailing and material choice. This pair of leather loafers may not seem like much at first sight but look closer to see embossed detailing and supple leather.

Matthew Williams found his formula early on, giving classic designs a modern twist with recognizable details. This time around, the famous 1017 ALYX 9SM buckle confirms that you’re not just wearing any clogs…

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