LeBron James Uses His Sneakers to Demand Justice for Breonna Taylor

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LeBron James returned to the court Thursday night for the Lakers versus Dallas Mavericks game. While the Lakers lost, James’ performance is gaining positive attention thanks to him spotlighting the Demand Justice for Breonna Taylor campaign on both his game sneakers and in his postgame press conference.

At the Zoom press conference following the Lakers’ scrimmage against Dallas, the first question James was asked was what he hoped to accomplish in that game. “First of all, I want to continue to shed light on justice for Breonna Taylor and to her family and everything that’s going on with that situation,” he said in response. He used the majority of the next nearly 14 minutes of his media session to deliver eloquent and poignant comments about racism and race relations in America, and on Taylor’s case.

“We want the cops arrested who committed that crime,” James continued. “Obviously in the state of Kentucky, what’s going down there, I know a lot of people are feeling the same. And us as the NBA, and us as the players, and me as one of the leaders of this league, I want her family to know and I want the state of Kentucky to know that we feel for it and we want justice. That’s what it’s all about. What’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong. And this is a wrong situation that’s going on in my eyes and in a lot of other eyes.”

Fans also noted that during the game LeBron had “#Justice4BreonnaT” inked on his sneakers.

LeBron James’ message is a much-needed effort to get more media attention to Breonna Taylor’s case. It’s been over four months since Taylor was shot at least eight times after Louisville police used a battering ram to break into her apartment shortly after midnight. She was only 26. Since that fateful day, Taylor’s name has trended and vanished again from our timelines. No officers have been charged for her murder.

While it’s long overdue, we can and should still demand justice for Breonna Taylor. Below are some ways to get involved.

Contact Officials

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer: Demands for justice can be made by calling Fischer’s office at (502) 574-2003 or by filling out the contact form on his site.

Louisville MPD: A contact form is available on the department’s site. A template is widely available as well as a submittable form that will automatically send an e-mail in your name.

Sign Petitions

Color of Change – #JusticeforBreColor of Change is calling for all of the officers responsible to be fired immediately.

Fight for BreonnaThis petition outlines a list of demands that will bring support to Taylor’s mother Tamika Palmer. Some of the demands have already been met, including the dismissal of Walker’s charges and a ban on no-knock warrants in Louisville.

Change.org – Justice for Breonna: Law student Lorelai HoJay launched this Change.org petition to demand charges be filed against the officers involved, as well as damages paid to Taylor’s family by the LMPD. It has nearly met its goal of nine million signatures.


Breonna Taylor’s Family: An official GoFundMe page has raised over $6 million for Taylor’s family through their loss, surpassing its original $500,000 goal.

Louisville Bail FundsProtesters have rallied in support of Taylor and the calls for justice daily throughout June. Donating to the bail fund provides support for those who have been arrested in the process.