Dexton Deboree Dishes on Working With Virgil Abloh, Kim Jones & Michael Jordan

Dexton Deboree

This week we welcome Dexton Deboree to the Vibe Check podcast. A filmmaker, branded content creator, and founder of Falkon Content, Deboree has had the pleasure of working with a number of high-profile names from the Highsnobiety world, ranging from Virgil Abloh and Kim Jones, to Serena Williams and Michael Jordan.

We begin our time with Dexton as he details how he’s been keeping his creative juices flowing during the pandemic. In between meditating, journaling, and reading, he admits he’s made a concerted effort to get a few ‘fits off, even if just for drives or walks.

Deboree has had a hand in some of the most noteworthy projects from the past few years, including the Dior x Jordan campaign and Unbanned: the Legend of AJ1, the documentary exploring the history of the Air Jordan 1. During the podcast, he dishes on these initiatives, while also teasing his next documentary centered around one of the NBA’s hottest rookies.

Elsewhere in the episode, Deboree delves into his filmmaking process, how he manages to land such coveted gigs, and working with some of the biggest names in fashion and sports. Press play above to check it out.

The following interview has been edited and condensed.

Noah: So is there anything that you are really like, man, I can’t wait to do this? You know what I mean? Like, is there kind of like a massive … I’m not going to say like, I’ll do this and then I’ll be good, because, obviously, there’s always more to do, but do you kind of have a goal that’s like, this is going to be something that I’m going to be extremely like, wow, I did this? I mean, I know everything you do is so great, but do you kind of have like a main … you know?

Dexton Deboree: Yeah. I mean, to a large degree I’m doing it. One of my goals and sort of, I don’t know, mood boards or theme boards or whatever that I had in my head was to work with Virgil Abloh and I ticked that box earlier this year within the same kind of month that I got a chance to work with Kim Jones and Dior. So I those were kind of like, definitely both of those guys were pretty high on my list of guys that I wanted to work with, and I got a chance to do that, which is pretty awesome. And then, really some of the sort of feature film and larger series ideas that I have have been brewing for a number of years and I’m currently working on something that Serena Williams is an EP on and Mellow is an EP on and that, you know, Serena was at the top of my list of someone to work with and she’s on board and we’re working together.

So yeah, I don’t know. I keep sort of, I guess I’ll just keep putting that out there in the universe, the things that I want to do because they seem apt to come true. Not that I get to do everything always that I want, it’s always a long path, and a struggle and a lot of hard fought little wins along the way, but yeah, I’ve certainly been blessed so far, I think. Yeah, I mean, most of the things I really want to do are kind of on the table in some form or fashion.

Noah: So, when you say that want to work with people like Virgil and you get these opportunities and you’ve gotten great opportunities for years now. Do you remember that first time where you were in a room or a part of something and you were like, Oh my God, like, wow. And how did you feel? What did that feel like? Were you mentally ready for that? Or was it something that you had to learn? Like you can get really antsy around people that you looked up to and that you’re working with now, or did you kind of get a like a little lesson like, yo, chill, you’re here now.

Dexton Deboree: Yeah. That’s a great question. There’s two that come to mind. I think the first one would have to be MJ. I got an opportunity to really kind of by default, the brand was trying to create this manifesto, Jordan brand, was trying to create this manifesto back in 2015, and they had some writers working on it and it wasn’t going how they wanted it to. And so they sort of tossed it over the fence to me and my team, but we didn’t really have a lot of writers on the team at the time. And so I took a crack at it and the brand loved it, shared it with MJ and MJ ended up kind of asking that the brand sort of shift their whole year long priorities around the spirit of that manifesto and even making it public facing and printing on walls during All Star Weekend in 2015 in New York.

And there was just a lot of things that went around it and his kind of reaction to it was like so strong and powerful. And that was a huge moment. And I didn’t even know if he would see it when I originally wrote it and I certainly wasn’t writing it for his eyes, but it quickly got there and that changed a lot of things for sure. That was a big moment.