Off-White™ Shoe Covers Are This Season’s Sneaker Saviour

Off-White™ Shoe Covers Are This Season’s Sneaker Saviour 3

While most clothing aficionados agree that fall/winter is prime time for creative style thanks to layering and fabric opportunities, sneakerheads might disagree. Who knows what will happen to your immaculate new white kicks on a day out in fall? Luckily, self-confessed sneakerhead Virgil Abloh has come to the rescue, releasing a pair of transparent shoe covers.

Made from silicon, the Off-White™ shoe covers simply slide over your sneaks and provide full protection without obstructing the view. Yes, people will still be able to see your footwear in all its glory. In fact, from a distance, these transparent shoe covers are almost indiscernible, but a close-up view reveals minimal Off-White branding to each lateral side. Abloh allows us to step fearlessly into whatever the coming seasons throw at us while wearing whichever pair of shoes we feel like. The best bit is that they’ll only set you back $70. Bravo.

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