adidas’ Space Race Capsule Welcomes New Sneakers & Apparel Onboard

adidas space race pack

Last year, adidas announced a partnership with NASA — a wild collab that would see the Three Stripes’ Boost technology get sent to the International Space Station to be tested in actual space, in order to take product development to new a frontier.

This partnership isn’t just for the astronauts, though. To celebrate its work with NASA and the ISS, adidas continues to drop new space-inspired sneakers and clothing for us normal people, as part of its Space Race collection.

As well as incorporating futuristic design elements across the collection, the sneakers and clothing range sits at the forefront of adidas’ development in comfort and function. From the latest update to the Ultraboost silhouette to stay-home-ready apparel, we’ve picked out some of the best bits.

In celebration of its NASA team-up, adidas delivers a 2020 update to the insanely-popular Ultraboost. The badge of the Artemis program, NASA’s mission to return astronauts to the lunar surface by 2024, is featured on the tongue of a shoe that’s made up of Primeblue — a recycled material. Truly future-looking.

Spacesuit, it isn’t. But this NASA badge hoodie is perfect for when your feet are firmly on terra firma — and more specifically — at home.

Blending elements of the Boston Super, the Rising Star, and the Micropacer, the NMD was already ahead of the game when it dropped in 2015. Fast forward five years, and this latest edition is a nod to the world of mass data we live in today.

This tee, also part of the Space Race pack, is made from recycled content, as part of adidas’ ambitions to end plastic waste.

The Ultraboost remains one of adidas’ best-loved silhouettes, and that’s mostly down to the insane comfort it provides. That, combined with the superior return technology of Boost, makes it a favorite with runners — and pretty much anyone else.

Channeling a space-age-like sheen and technical build, these comfy track pants look straight from an International Space Station wardrobe.

adidas says that this latest ZX 2K sneaker is “fueled by the ZX legacy and inspired by the Artemis space mission.” We say that this colorway is a tasty one.

OK, so your “voyage” might only consist of you going to the local grocery store, but you might as well be prepared. Good for all of 2020’s new essentials.

If you want something a little louder than the grey Ultraboost 5.0 above, then look no further. Also made from the recycling-based Primeblue material.

Because even space-venturers need socks.

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