Nike Wants Your Help Wear Testing Tom Sachs’ Mars Yard 2.5

Nike Wants Your Help Wear Testing Tom Sachs’ Mars Yard 2.5 3

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As Tom Sachs and Nike continue to strive for perfection in their designs, they are now asking for your help. The artist and sportswear juggernaut would like some assistance wear testing the latest iteration of Sachs’ distinctive Mars Yard shoe.

The Mars Yard 2.5 Wear Test is part of Sachs and Nike’s collaborative NIKECRAFT initiative, which focuses on the examination of products. To help improve the design, the NIKECRAFT community is being solicited to put the Mars Yard 2.5 through the wringer by recording personal experiences with the shoe and providing feedback.

“With this particular challenge, we are engaging people to really think about this shoe and bring different perspectives, both culturally and environmentally,” said Sachs. “This is an opportunity to invite a larger audience to really indulge in our favorite part of the process — learning about things and making stuff. The process is the most valuable thing, and if the end result is a great pair of shoes, that’s fantastic. But I think it’s really important that the testing process celebrates the journey.”

Anyone interested in wear testing the Mars Yard 2.5 can submit an application in the form of a one-minute video uploaded to Instagram explaining why you want to join. The clip should include your Instagram handle, location, and shoe size, @tomsachs tag and the hashtag #nikecraftweartester. If chosen, the shoes will need to be returned following use to be sanitized, studied, repaired, and reissued. You can find out more about the program on

In conjunction with the Mars Yard 2.5 Wear Test, NIKECRAFT is furthering its research on the proper care of footwear, with a goal of making more sustainable products that can be “worn to death.”

Press play below to see Tom Sachs himself wear testing the Mars Yard shoe.